Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Call Me Nostradamus

We never expected a competent president. No. Let me rephrase
We never expected a very competent president. Yet, here we are today

Mr. President, are you sure you got your degree ?
Mr. President, are you sure you got your PhD ?

Dance for me, Sing for me
Entertain me drunk monkey

Oh! But wait
Drunk and dance don't mix

Never to mingle
Morsi and fix

Clueless to see what lies ahead
Clueless to be the truths unsaid

Buffoon, be fooled
Shame on me, shame on you

Do you sleep at night when you close your eyes ?
Do you rest awake anticipating your demise ?

Killer of hopes, Killer of dreams
Be hung, besieged

Will the day come when you wave from a cage ?
Will the day come when you ignite renewed rage ?

Lies, denies the fears in their eyes
Voices muzzled with tears and cries

An illusion of grandeur, an illusion of good
A savior of voices with so much said unheard

A savior to come, but not today
A savior to come, when if he may ?

My heart swells with sadness as I weep
For the lost ones I could not keep

Remember the departed who have withered away
Remember the departed to never flourish another day 

Note: This poem was first published in April 2013. I initially called it "An Untitled Poem" because I  was speechless to summarize my anguish due to the demise of Egypt at the hands of the Brotherhood and their puppet Mohamed Morsi. July 2013, after the Brotherhood fell from grace, I retitled the piece "Just Call Me Nostradamus".

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