Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Letter to President Morsi

Mr. President,

You are all mighty. You have achieved far much more than anyone else before. You've killed hope. You've slaughtered prosperity. You have proven time travel possible with Egypt now resembling that of the early eighties and literally the "dark" ages. You got Egyptians to condemn democracy and crave the security of the authoritative. You have united us in hate. You have divided us with hate. You got us to be thankful for what we have at hand, for we never know what we'll lack tomorrow. You got us to become modest, to covet the basic needs of humanity: safety, shelter, and nourishment. You got us to denounce the basic human right: freedom of thought. You got us to surrender our minds for it has become too tiresome to ponder on all that is happening. You got us to chronicle and long for the past. Yet, you are not satiated with all of this. You also want to takeaway the last thing we have remaining, the last thing that hasn't depreciated with the ailing value of the Egyptian pound. You want to takeaway our Joy. Our ability to scout humor in the darkness of despair, is the very thing that defines us as Egyptians. Have you forgotten that you are the president of Egypt, the birthplace of jokes? Why can't you have the grace and virtue of those who came before you? Why can't you remember the fate of those who came before you? Do you want to tell us that you have never laughed along with Adel Imam in Al Zaeem and Mohamed Sobhy in Takhareef, or have you forgotten.

By prosecuting Bassem Youseef and others, you are defying what it means to be an Egyptian. Voices can be silenced, but not hearts. Save your soul and engage your conscience. How can you be in a position of magnificent power, yet squander in pettiness and deceit. You can have eighty million hearts praising you. How can you refuse to see this? Are you blind? If you are drunk with power, take a moment and think about the not-so-far past, just a few years back. Thank god and think of god. What will be the testimony of your hands, tongue, and heart upon facing your deeds? When life and false glory are gone, all that's left are your deeds and what they feed. Stop harboring hate. Don't hide from your critics, face your actions. The past and present come together to tell a story. What will your story be? Look into the mirror, examine your deeds of the past year and reflect on your future (you are the only Egyptian who can claim to have one). What kind of legacy are you going to leave behind? But keep in mind that man is feeble, he perishes. Egypt has stood the test of time for THOUSANDS of years. Egypt will preserve despite of you. You can either join and make history or become history. Currently, the choice is still yours to make. Seize the opportunity.

An Egyptian Citizen

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