Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Kiss

Him: "Have you ever been kissed?"

Her: "Romantically?"

Him: "Is there another kind?"

Her: "Definitely. I've been kissed by my mother, my aunts, my uncles, and my niece and nephews. Of course, I have to coerce them into kissing me. They oblige me for the moment, yet they're getting at the age where kissing will not be an option."

Him: "I meant romantically. Have you ever been lovingly kissed on the lips?"

Her: "No. I have never been kissed 'lovingly' on the lips."

Him: "May I kiss you?"

Her: "What? No! Why? What? Do you want to kiss me?"

Him: "I think it's such a waste to go through life not knowing how it feels to be kissed."

Her: ................................

Him: "I'm sorry if I have upset you. I didn't mean to."

Her: "No, I'm not upset. I'm just looking for the appropriate words. You seem to be coming from a sincere place. But, I don't want my first kiss to be out of pity. I want it to come from a place of passion, lust, and yearning. I want the moment our lips touch to be electrifying that it sends sock waves throughout my extremities and I collapse in his arms and have to peel myself away from him. I'm also not a fool, I know it probably won't happen like that. But when it does, if it does happen, I want it to be out of love, out of desire, not pity. Thank you for offering but I'm gonna have to pass."

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