Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Man to Lead, Woman to Follow - I think Not

Last weekend I reflected on the logic employed by some bigoted Muslim pseudo-clerics to justify the persecution of women. These so called men believe that women should cover up in what appears to be constructed tents, not only covering our God given figures but all evidence that we are in fact human. They justify this belief by claiming such attire will eliminate sexual allure and attraction. Apparently it is women's fault that men are sexual aroused by any moving feminine object. We must cover every inch of our bodies because man has all sorts of perversities. In the dead heat of summer, we jail our toes in socks and shoe prisons because of scaly heel fetishes. I suppose the heart wants what the heart wants. We can't alter man's behavior. Thus, women are sequestered behind closed doors to combat sexual harassment in the work place and schools. In some countries, woman are not allowed to drive as the government - a.k.a Big Brother (not sister) - believes driving is too complicated and rough for the feeble delicate nature of woman. Yet we can endure pregnancy, labor, and man's idiocy.

In all these justifications, men are the troubled culprits, yet women are the ones being punished. However, doesn't it make more sense to lock men in homes not women. Allowing them brief moments of public leisure, conditioned that they are accompanied by a female companion (with man preferably on a leash). Harassment will vanish by virtue of removing man from the equation. Moreover, women make better religious/moral police. We are more equipped to judge female appropriate behavior. Once men are not allowed to watch films or access the internet, to keep them safe from sexual allure, media will be cleansed, leaving only wholesome entertainment. Because lets face it, no woman likes porn. As women will be in charge of households, advertisers will not need to resort to sex to sell their products since women don't make decisions with their penises, it's a physiological impossibility. As a result, women will be able to walk around freely and safely, regardless of what they wear. And men will be safe from female sexual traps. More righteous societies will endure under the rule of women. Better yet, we can eliminate all sub-par male specimens and harvest the sperm of the remaining superior pedigree for breeding purposes. In case you are wondering about the sub-par females, they'll be used as incubators.

Despite all the irrefutable evidence to the enhanced state of female-lead humanity, women know better than to implement such notions. We have the insights to understand that God created Adam and Eve equally human, yet uniquely different, to complete each other not dominate over one another. Rationality is not a prominent feature of man, we women know it is our role to bring cosmic balance to the universe. Thus we believe that no one should lead and no one should follow. Only together, as equals, man and woman can prevail.

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  1. Uh, if "Rationality is not a prominent feature of man", why is it that (40 years after feminism removed job/school barriers), that MEN still make the vast majority of technical innovations of any kind?

    Anyway, the Christian/Jewish/Muslim holy books make clear that in those religions, women are to follow the lead of men. Preaching otherwise removes one from being in any of those religions, among others. NO long-lasting society above the hunter-gatherer stage has ever had female "equality".