Sunday, March 3, 2013


I stumbled across a well with no end
Keep falling away from the light
Evermore engulfed in the darkness of night
Surrender to the abyss and raise a black flag. Admit defeat
In a prison of solitude, I am sentenced to Life
Eternally in a state of perpetual descend
Eagerly awaiting mercy in a thud 

They say it's like a knot in your gut
But it's not
It's a knot in your heart
It swells up to your throat
I can't breathe
I run to the window
I stick my head out
I breathe in
I look down
I see the end
If only I had the courage to jump
I fall to my knees. I beg and I plead
Please end it, end it now
I won't ask for what I want
Just an end 

Hands claps to my chest
Eyes piercing the sky
Knees bent to the floor
I pray for my life

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